Archive of the talks I’ve given recently and additional material (not necessarily slides, as I prefer to talk without them).

Possible talks

Sometimes someone asks me to submit a talk and then we circle in on a topic. To make that process easier, here’s a list of “my” current topics:

  • Agile & Lean – not only for Software Development (✔)
    • Scrum – Rules, Roles and Rituals (✔)
      • Being a Scrum master
      • How to handle support in Scrum
      • How to cut slack in Scrum
    • Kanban – Get into the flow (✔)
    • Theory of constraints OR Why being busy doesn’t get you anywhere
    • Retrospectives – Inspect & Adapt (and hopefully improve)
      • How to increase follow-through on action items
    • Change management & agile transitions
    • Agile in chaotic environments
    • Software Craftsmanship – More code, less tree hugging
  • Leadership & Managerial Responsibility
    • Acknowledgement & Feedback
    • Smooth On-Boarding – How to integrate new hires
    • Responsible firing
    • It’s human nature – Scientific facts every boss should know
  • Usability & UX – The Basics (✔)
    • Guerilla Usability Testing
    • Moderating Usability Tests (w)
    • Design for Non-Designers (✔)
    • On writing well (✔, W)
  • Communication – Why does it go wrong and how can I be understood?
  • Meeting facilitation and visualization
  • Giving Presentations (w)


  • w – would make a good workshop
  • W – makes much more sense as a workshop
  • – I already have slides or an outline of this topic so it wouldn’t be much work

What do you think?

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