About Retr-O-Mat

As I’ve said before, retrospectives are my favorite agile meeting. I’m constantly on the lookout for new ideas. On paper the excellent “Agile Retrospectives” is the de-facto-standard on the topic. But on the internet there’s no such go-to website (that I know of). The Retrospective Wiki had the potential, but you can’t get a login anymore and it stopped evolving. So I browse around to come up with a basic plan for a retrospective that I can then refine.

I found myself wishing for a simpler way to get started, a kickstarter so to speak. And now after 2 weeks of vacation I present to you – the amazing – the awesome – the fabulous – Retr-O-Mat. It provides you with a random plan, ready to refine. It covers 5 phases, as laid out in “Agile Retrospectives“. Each plan has an ID so you can easily share ideas with fellow facilitators. Retr-O-Mat is meant to inspire and shake up routine.

The starting version only has 16 activities, but I plan to add lots more and some other cool gizmos, too. In the long run I’d like to turn Retr-O-Mat into a valuable resource full of ideas and lively discussions about retros. Planned features are:

  • Comments on activities – share your tips and war stories and read those of others
  • Upload photos for activities – how do flip charts and boards look
  • Possibility to specify timebox and number of participants and get a custom-tailored plan
  • Submitting activities on the website – You can already submit activities via Mail: corinna@finding-marbles.com.

Here’s the Trello board with all currently planned features. Let me know which ones you find important.

Anything else you’d like to know? Mail me 🙂
Also write me, if you’d like to contribute to Retr-O-Mat (i.e. get a login to add activities). I’d like for Retr-O-Mat to be more robust than the Retrospective Wiki.

PS: Thank to Emma Alvarez for the beautiful background patterns.


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