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One-on-Ones in Agile (Transitions)

Have you ever had regular One-on-Ones (“O3s”)? If not, I think you’re missing out. Mark Horstman and Mike Auzenne describe them as: 30 minute conversation every (other) week Between a manager and one of her team members. (Each team member gets … Continue reading

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Lean Altbier (aka “Lean Coffee”)

Another month, another agile meetup: This time we tried out the “Lean Coffee” approach to facilitate a discussion in the whole group about a range of topics.  As the meetup takes place in a brewpub for Düsseldorf’s typical type of … Continue reading

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Give feedback to new team members with SaMoLo

It’s helpful for new employees to get feedback on how they’re doing in order to adjust to their new workspace. In traditional companies this might be done by a team lead or superior. In Scrum – as so many other … Continue reading

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Dinner with a Stranger – A Design Pattern for Conferences & Open Spaces

Last year, while studying the program of Agile 2011 I read about “Dinner with a Stranger” for the first time: Socializing and networking are an integral part of Agile2011. If you’ll be attending Agile2011 alone, make sure to stop by … Continue reading

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Visualize it! – An ode to whiteboards

Two months ago I started a new job. I left nice old colleagues and got nice new colleagues. The companies are the same size. No big diff there. But there is a very visible difference in the respective offices: Old … Continue reading

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Na na na na na na na na Bug Slot!

<Sing title to the melody of the batman theme song> In the company I just left we had a weekly bugslot to stay on top of defects: 2 hours every week during which all developers fixed bugs at the same … Continue reading

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Want Change? Make “your” way the easiest way

If you want to establish new ways to do things (i.e. processes), make sure that this new way is the easiest route for people to reach their goal. If the old way is easier, the new one won’t ever be … Continue reading

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