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Land of Lean & Agile

On Sunday, August 26th (2012), I’ll talk about “Agile & Lean” at the FrOSCon in St. Augustin, near Bonn. I’ve got 45 minutes to give the audience a brief orientation. Ambitious, I know. I’ll base the “slides” (I’m gonna use … Continue reading

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Optimizing Retr-O-Mat’s Web Performance

Some of you may know that my husband Tobias is a web developer. And not just any web developer but one with a passion for web performance optimization (WPO). WPO is about loading and showing a web page as fast … Continue reading

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To write like Stevens one day

In “My Favourite Usability Books” I recommended a German article about writing well. One commenter asked for English resources and I decided to translate it (with consent of the author Susanne “Su-Shee” Schmidt). Not everything is applicable in English though. … Continue reading

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My Favourite Usability Books

People sometimes ask me what book to read to get started with usability. My recommendation depends on your background and focus: IF (you like your knowledge applied and theory light) -> IF (mostly for web, interested in guerilla usability tests) … Continue reading

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Introducing Retr-O-Mat

I did it! I finally launched my current project: Retr-O-Mat. I’m thrilled! And exhausted. I think, I’m catching a cold… Anyway, I’d be happy to know how you like the Retr-O-Mat. Tell me in the comments or write to … Continue reading

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A Brief History of Agile and Lean Events

Whenever I explore a new field I like to get an overview of how things got to be the way they are – A short timeline of how we’ve arrived at the “state of the art”. What happened when, so … Continue reading

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Retrospective with Postcards

I’m always looking for inspiration for retrospectives e.g. over at Thorsten Kalnin’s or in the retrospectives wiki. Time to give back! This is a format I tried out some time ago: The basic idea is to let the participants describe … Continue reading

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