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My Facilitation Kit

About two years ago, I toyed around with the idea of a “Scrum Master Emergency Kit“. Today I’d like to show you the kit tray I really use. I hope it’s useful for people new to facilitating retrospectives (or meetings … Continue reading

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“Verständlich Schreiben” – Workshop am 13. April in Düsseldorf

[English Summary: On April 13th, I’m giving a workshop on writing that follows the tips in this article.] Wir alle freuen uns über gute Doku, wenn wir etwas Neues lernen. Doch wie sieht es mit der Doku für unsere eigenen … Continue reading

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Agile Stammtische in Düsseldorf und Umgebung

[English Summary: A list of meetups on Agile or Lean topics in Düsseldorf – where I live – and its surrounding cities.] Heute habe ich zum zweiten Mal eine Liste aller agil angehauchten Stammtische in meiner Umgebung zusammengestellt. Sobald ich … Continue reading

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Minimum Viable Customer

Every once in a while I think about developing a product and / or founding a company. Up until 5 years ago I thought “the idea” would be crucial – that the product idea would make the difference between failure … Continue reading

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Story Telling & Product Partnership (OOP 2013 – Day 1)

This week I’m attending OOP in Munich. As Open Spaces / Un-Conferences have become the norm for me it’s strange to be at “real” conference for a change. I have not been “siezed” (formal way to address in German) that … Continue reading

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Lean Altbier (aka “Lean Coffee”)

Another month, another agile meetup: This time we tried out the “Lean Coffee” approach to facilitate a discussion in the whole group about a range of topics.  As the meetup takes place in a brewpub for Düsseldorf’s typical type of … Continue reading

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Giving a webinar – Lessons learned

Last week I spoke at the 6th ALE Bathtub. The ALE Bathtub is an interesting format: It’s held approximately once per quarter  and each time 4 speakers present for 20 minutes each. The webinar format allows people from all over … Continue reading

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