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How to keep up to date with Agile & Lean

Two weeks ago, this page about UX Design showed up in my Twitter stream. It’s a collection of Twitter accounts, blogs, conferences, etc. that people (newly) interested in UX Design might check out to keep themselves up to date. That … Continue reading

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My Facilitation Kit

About two years ago, I toyed around with the idea of a “Scrum Master Emergency Kit“. Today I’d like to show you the kit tray I really use. I hope it’s useful for people new to facilitating retrospectives (or meetings … Continue reading

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3 Feedback Models

Feedback is important. Only by knowing how our actions affect others do we know what works and what doesn’t. Feedback becomes more effective, when it is frequent, timely and specific. Frequent Giving feedback only at quarterly or yearly reviews wastes … Continue reading

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One-on-Ones in Agile (Transitions)

Have you ever had regular One-on-Ones (“O3s”)? If not, I think you’re missing out. Mark Horstman and Mike Auzenne describe them as: 30 minute conversation every (other) week Between a manager and one of her team members. (Each team member gets … Continue reading

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Minimum Viable Customer

Every once in a while I think about developing a product and / or founding a company. Up until 5 years ago I thought “the idea” would be crucial – that the product idea would make the difference between failure … Continue reading

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Top 5 Songs for the Frustrated Project Manager

… or Scrum Master or whoever is at times upset with processes, structures or systems. Last Tuesday at the agile meetup in my hometown we started to joke around about what happens when projects or processes go awry. In the … Continue reading

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Is Scrum a Shu-Stage of Agile?

In my filter bubble there is this trend of teams switching to Kanban after they’ve used Scrum for a while. Typically they had been successful with Scrum and switched to Kanban, when they felt they’d taken Scrum as far as … Continue reading

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