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Giraffe and Jackal – Non-Violent Communication

Today my Twitter timeline contained a transformative gem, something that will help me reserve judgement and connect better to others: A 3-hour video of a workshop on Non-Violent-Communication. Normally the 3 hours would have put me off. As would the … Continue reading

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Job satisfaction as a manager?

Managers are usually paid better than software developers – I’m thinking middle managers here, not the C-level. Why is that when the developers are the ones that actually build the product? You can have developers without managers, but the other … Continue reading

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How to keep up to date with Agile & Lean

Two weeks ago, this page about UX Design showed up in my Twitter stream. It’s a collection of Twitter accounts, blogs, conferences, etc. that people (newly) interested in UX Design might check out to keep themselves up to date. That … Continue reading

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My Facilitation Kit

About two years ago, I toyed around with the idea of a “Scrum Master Emergency Kit“. Today I’d like to show you the kit tray I really use. I hope it’s useful for people new to facilitating retrospectives (or meetings … Continue reading

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Lunch with ready-made conversation starters – for conferences

Last year I expressed “Dinner with a Stranger” as a pattern for Conferences. Now I’d like to suggest an alternative (or add-on?): At OOP 2013 I once again realized, how bad I am at chatting up strangers without a decent … Continue reading

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Beware of the Cult of Busy in Company Culture

Have you ever met people that tell you of their many, many important meetings and duties and the long, long hours they work? And people that constantly want you to take care of their request NOW, because the client is … Continue reading

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Find someone to TeamUp

At my workplace we’ve recently started following Scrum and Kanban. I head the product management team with 2 newly minted product owners. They used to be a product manager and sales engineer respectively. One has limited experience with Scrum, the … Continue reading

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