Hi there!

I always read the “About”-page in blogs, too 🙂 So, what would I want to know?

About Corinna


Way back I worked a few years as a web developer and Flash programmer. When it felt like I had learned most of the field I went to university. I hold the equivalent of a master’s degree in computer science. I loved everything about CS and tried many different areas. My specialty is usability and user experience (UX).

My personal agile transition started at my former employer, where we started doing Scrum in 2010. I was part of the first Scrum dev team (Team Princess FTW!). Soon afterwards I became Scrum master for 2 teams. We tried a bunch of stuff and later I was member of a Kanban team (the UX team) and something akin to a Scrum master for another Kanban team.

My journey took me from Agile to Lean, Systems Thinking and Communication.

I switched to an FTSE 100 company to become a technical project manager/product manager/agile coach. Starting in August 2013 I’m doing a self-financed 6 months Sabbatical to create lots off stuff, such as this book on retrospectives.

In my free time I paint, read, code and watch a lot of series (now playing: Babylon 5 – Season 2). Next to me on the couch sits the awesome Tobias.

You can reach me at corinna@finding-marbles.com.

About finding-marbles.com

The blog url is a reference to “to lose one’s marbles”. In my experience, once you get to know a workplace, you’ll always find weird, puzzling things (mostly complicated processes, but also thwarted interfaces, misleading documentation etc). Things that make you hold your head, thinking “Why would anyone do it like that? It doesn’t make sense at all! How are we still in business?”

As most companies don’t try to be weird, how do these things come into being?

  • No one put thought into it at the beginning and then it just became a routine that no one ever questioned
  • There used to be valid reasons, but they don’t apply anymore and no one remembers them anyway
  • There is a valid reason that you don’t know. Then you can try to fix the underlying reason instead of working around it with an awkward kludge of a process
  • It’s what a HiPPO wanted (or what people thought the HiPPO wanted)

Whatever the cause, I want to spot such things and fix them. Not lose marbles, but help find them.

[The header image is derived form this photo by Gerbera.]


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